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What not to expect from your baby

  • Don’t expect parenthood to be easy
  • Don’t expect breastfeeding to go smoothly and easily from the very beginning, but try to persevere if possible
  • Don’t expect too much from yourself or your partner
  • Don’t expect your baby to sleep well at night
  • Don’t expect your baby to get into a routine that will make your life predictable. He might do so, but he might not
  • Don’t expect your baby not to cry a lot
  • Don’t expect to be able to control your baby’s behaviour
  • Don’t expect your baby not to disappoint you at times
  • Don’t expect your baby to be healthy and well all of the time
  • Don’t expect things not to get out of hand and chaotic at times
  • Don’t expect yourself to look beautiful or to be scintillating company for a long time

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