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According to the late professor of psychiatry and infant mental health specialist, Daniel Stern, one of the psychological challenges facing

When a young boy repeatedly dresses up as a girl, behaves like a girl and is absolutely determined to be

I am surprisingly slow to spot villains, despite the fact that delving into peoples’ minds is my life’s work. So



One of the toughest problems adoptive parents face is that of talking

Recently I attended a meeting at the Western Cape Association for Infant Mental health, an affiliation of the World Association

Children in Mind is concerned with anything related to the mental health, behaviour and emotions of children. So we support

I have been reading an interesting book by Graham Music called ‘Nurturing Natures. It’s about attachment, emotional and brain development and

Cape Town based Babies in Mind practitioner, Carly Abramowitz, says the following about trust.

“We often speak about the importance of

Johannesburg-based Imago Relationship and Parenting Therapist, Lome Koekemoer, has this to say about parenting in the age of technology:

"When we

From an evolutionary perspective, human babies are designed to stay close to their mothers so that they can be protected

Not all babies are the same so there is no ‘one size fits all’ perfect sleep solution, and often what

Some babies are predictably unpredictable! Others seem to gravitate towards a fairly predictable daily rhythm. If your baby seems to

Why does your baby need you to join our ‘Babies in Mind’ network and attend our parent workshops? Psychologists are

When we become new parents, there are many voices that try to guide us.  Remember that the loudest voice should be your

Do you ever feel under-valued, under-paid and unappreciated as a mother? The commitment and devotion is takes to raise a

Check out this page for a few mind-boggling facts about the super-powers of babies. There is so much that babies

I recently received an e-mail from a reader, Mia, who asks the following question:

After 5 and a half years of

There are so many reasons that some babies have poor or disruptive sleep patterns, and we can’t always find the

Parents often have concerns that modern technology could be harmful to children. For those of us who did not grow


If you are a mental health professional who is interested in

I attended a really interesting lecture recently at the Western Cape Association of Infant Mental Health. Pam Versfeld is a

I have just finished reading the most fabulous book by Rahla Xenopoulos entitled, A Memoir of Love and Madness. Rahla

I have just read the famously controversial book by Amy Chua called, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. The author

A couple of weeks ago, at the monthly meeting of the Western Cape Association for Infant Mental Health, we were

Teenagers are terrifying! Your levels of anxiety as a parent of a teenagers can be high, partly because they want

Making mistakes is the price you pay for knowledge


Knowledge about babies and children comes less from parenting books and

Parents often ask whether it’s a good or a bad thing to sleep with their new babies. Some of the

Because of the possible health implications, it can be scary when your child refuses to eat. A poor appetite may

As I was reading Mommy Masters parenting tip for August, I was reminded about the incredible value of behavior charts

Recently, I went along as a guest to a Thinking Moms Group in Cape Town. This lively, intelligent group of

Marion Barends e-mailed me recently to ask some advice about her high need grandson. It got me thinking about how

Loads of babies are notoriously bad sleepers.

Meg Faure, author of a range of baby books such as Babysense and

A mother of a critically ill child once said to me, Children are easy – until they get sick.

Most parents

Lately I’ve been getting quite a few requests for help from parents of toddlers. For example, Kerry writes about her

I was impressed and encouraged when I heard Miss South Africa 2011, Bokang Montjane, being interviewed about teen pregnancy in

Although it has become much more popular in recent decades, play therapy has actually been around since the 1920’s. Early

Part of the madness about being a parent is the feeling that you’re getting it all wrong and your kids

The thing about parenting is that loads of people like to tell you how to do it. There can be

When thinking about how to raise your child, you will no doubt be trying to create a happy childhood for

A woman I know who has three grown up kids and a grandchild once said to me, Everyone is so