21st Century Childhood

How to Help your ADHD Child

Most healthy children are busy, active and constantly running around. But if your child has been given a diagnosis of ADHD, you’ll be looking for answers. Understanding your child and [ … ]

Children in Mind : Their mental health in today’s world and what we can do to help them

Are today’s children and teenagers more mentally distressed than they used to be, and if so, why? What is it about today’s world that seems not well suited to children? [ … ]

Playing makes children happy!

As a psychologist I am privileged to be able to spend a lot of time with children doing play therapy. This gives me a unique and special opportunity to see [ … ]

Does your child have anxiety?

When children are distressed, they often don’t show it and they can’t always find the words to say how they are feeling. Anxiety in children can manifest in a number [ … ]