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If you are a mental health professional who is interested in conducting specialized Babies in Mind workshops with new parents or caregivers, you are invited to apply to become a licensed Babies in Mind practitioner. Jenny Perkel, clinical psychologist and author of Babies in Mind, has designed a series of workshops that aim to optimize the mental health – both present and future – of infants, as well as to improve the psychological wellbeing of their parents.

As a Babies in Mind practitioner you are licensed to run the series of 10 Babies in Mind workshops with mothers, fathers or caregivers. Jenny Perkel has compiled a training manual that includes the guidelines, layout and content of all 10 workshops, together with additional reading material for workshop participants. This training manual, together with the book, Babies in Mind, serves as the basis for the workshops.

If the practitioner is registered with a recognized health authority (eg, HPCSA) in his or her capacity as a mental health professional, then he or she is entitled to consult privately as a Babies in Mind practitioner with parents who are struggling with their babies.

All payments and profits for the workshops and for private consultations are retained by the Babies in Mind practitioner. Any costs or expenses incurred as part of the workshops, including venue hire, advertising and administration are for the practitioner’s account.

Any mental health professional is welcome to apply for this license, but it may appeal more to professionals who qualified more recently and are thus not yet well established. The structure and input provided by the Babies in Mind workshop model may also be useful and containing for professionals who are fairly new to infant or perinatal mental health and are looking for a way to begin working with new parents.

For more information or to enquire about the cost of the license, please contact Jenny Perkel at or 2721-4619153. For more information about Babies in Mind or Jenny Perkel, see




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