Read ‘Babies in Mind’ on Kindle10/04/14


The new, revised and updated edition of ‘Babies in Mind’ is now available on Amazon Kindle. To download the ebook, click here:

‘Babies in Mind’ is designed help you and your baby through the beautiful – but sometimes bumpy – road of infancy and early parenthood. Find out how to handle sleep difficulties, excessive crying and feeding problems. Discover what postnatal depression is really about and what to do if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. Learn about what stresses your baby out, what she needs from you and why.

This new edition of the book aims to help you to sort out the confusion between the opposing and conflicting styles of parenting. It will explain why some people advise you to leave your baby to cry and others warn you never to do that. It will help you to choose with confidence your own preferred approach. The book is written by clinical psychologist, Jenny Perkel. For more about the ‘Babies in Mind’ service and how it can help you, visit



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