The Transgender Child

When a young boy repeatedly dresses up as a girl, behaves like a girl and is absolutely determined to be treated as if he were a girl, it can put […]

Why you should play ...

I often find myself recommending to parents that their troubled children should play a team sport. It isn’t the cure-all, and there are usually a multitude of other aspects to […]

How to spot a villain

I am surprisingly slow to spot villains, despite the fact that delving into peoples’ minds is my life’s work. So I wrote this article for myself as a reminder and […]

Playing with games a...

Some children as young as two years old can navigate their way around cel phones, laptops and ipads. Toys and games are fast going out of fashion. New millenium kids […]

Playing makes childr...

As a psychologist I am privileged to be able to spend a lot of time with children doing play therapy. This gives me a unique and special opportunity to see […]

Children’s Rights

Children in Mind is concerned with anything related to the mental health, behaviour and emotions of children. So we support these 10 principles of the UN Convention on the Rights […]

High self-esteem or ...

Eight year old Shaun seems extremely confident and self-assured. He tells everyone that he is a genius and the cleverest boy in the country. He is desperate for approval by […]