Babies in Mind workshops in Joburg – for parents09/07/12


I am delighted to say that the first Johannesburg Babies in Mind workshops are starting on  Saturday 21st July. The workshops have been designed to support parents and caregivers and to offer guidance, knowledge and an emotionally containing environment in which to explore the difficulties you may be having with your baby.

These workshops would be useful for you if you are battling with your self-confidence as a parent, or if you are unsure or confused about how to handle your baby. The first year or so of a baby’s life is often fraught with difficulties with feeding, sleeping and excessive crying. Also, it can be a time of emotional instability, insomnia, depression and anxiety for the parents, particularly the mother. The workshops address all these crucial issues.

Learning to trust is most important psychological task that a baby needs to accomplish in the first year or two of life. The Babies in Mind workshops or consulting with a Babies in Mind practitioner will help you to facilitate this for your baby. You will learn about the value of secure attachment. This is the foundation of mental health later in life. Your job as a parent or early caregiver is crucial in providing the basic building blocks for mental health in your child.

The Babies in Mind workshops are about encouraging you to tune into your baby and to discover the joy of parenthood. The workshops are not about parenting rules, rights and wrongs, or pressure to do things in any particular way. The central themes of the workshops are getting to know your baby, stress-out parents, pros and cons of the different parenting styles, attachment and bonding, high need babies, the role of the father, crying, sleeping, feeding, and trust.
Contact either Jade Paterson 0825641461 / or Julie Koursaris 0832762952 / for more information about the first Johannesburg workshops, starting in July. For more details about Babies in Mind, see


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