Needy Toddlers

Lately I’ve been getting quite a few requests for help from parents of toddlers. For example, Kerry writes about her 2 year old twin boys, Everyone talks about the challenging […]

Teenage pregnancy

I was impressed and encouraged when I heard Miss South Africa 2011, Bokang Montjane, being interviewed about teen pregnancy in South Africa. Her interest and commitment to being involved in […]

Does your child need...

Although it has become much more popular in recent decades, play therapy has actually been around since the 1920’s. Early pioneers such as Anna Freud and Melanie Klein created models […]

What is a good parent?

Part of the madness about being a parent is the feeling that you’re getting it all wrong and your kids are suffering as a result. It can cause debilitating guilt […]

How to be a parent

The thing about parenting is that loads of people like to tell you how to do it. There can be a real pressure to parent the right way. This can […]

How to raise a happy...

When thinking about how to raise your child, you will no doubt be trying to create a happy childhood for him or her. But your child will not always only […]

Problems with parenting

A woman I know who has three grown up kids and a grandchild once said to me, Everyone is so excited and happy when a first pregnancy is announced, but […]