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Covid19 Pandemic

10 lessons learned from the Covid19 pandemic

  1. It’s not always easy to be Zen in a crisis when other people are suffering
  2. High stress can intensify your flaws and frailties – but it can also open up the opportunity to discover your greatest strengths
  3. A surprising number of people can be warm, kind, generous and caring when things get rough
  4. And others become even more prickly, abusive or dangerous than they were before
  5. It can be really hard to concentrate or focus on anything else when you are in the midst of a crisis
  6. The internet is so much more than we ever imagined it could be
  7. A crisis can create the potential for huge resourcefulness, innovation, creativity and generosity
  8. Some things are not quite as important as we believed them to be and certain things can be left undone
  9. Each person experiences a crisis differently, depending on circumstances, attitude and resources
  10. Co-operation, consideration, collaboration and communication can really help us to manage the challenges that face humanity as a whole
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